From the AUSACE conference in Atlanta, Georgia, USA — November 2012

  Student Papers

First Place, Noran Aref-
“The role of search engines vs. social networks in news information seeking”

Excellence in Research, Lindsey Conlin and Lauren Auverset, co-authors
“Social media use between cultures: Examining how individuals in the Middle East and America use social media to access news”

Excellence in Research, Aya Ateya
“Women empowerment as portrayed through the Egyptian cinema: Content analysis of films produced between 2001-2011”

  Faculty Papers

First Place Arabic, Bakhith Mohammed Darwish
“The Political Roles of Social Media Networks in the Arab World”: Indicators assessment and a proposed model”

First Place English, Mohammed el-Nawawy
“How the Red Lines affect job satisfaction among elite Pan-Arab TV journalists: The case of Al-Arabiya satellite channel”

Excellence in Research, Naila Hamdy
“Arab Investigative Journalism Post Political Transformations”

Excellence in Research, David Coulson
“Differing perspectives: Examining coverage of Arab issues through varying lenses”

Excellence in Research, Omneya Khalifa
“Public television after the Arab Spring, is it a dying field? Analysis of barriers facing Egyptian state owned television (ERTU) in responding to its public role”

Journalists of the year reporting for Arabic publications:
The journalists who covered the news of the Arab Spring uprising across the Middle East

Journalist of the year reporting for U.S. publications:
Anthony Shadeed, New York Times

Professors of the year at a university in the Middle East:
Matt Duffy and Abel Jendli, Zayed University, UAE

Professor of the year at a university in the US:
Leonard Ray Teel, Georgia State University