Our Mission

The Arab-U.S. Association for Communication Educators was established in 1995 to encourage and support the advancement of professional relationships among Arab and U.S. university faculty and students and media professionals. AUSACE members engage in cooperative research, teaching and service projects, international exchanges of faculty and students, discussion forums, conferences and workshops. The Association sponsors and supports an annual conference that showcases media research and teaching methods, and develops relationships between academic and professional communities. AUSACE also maintains a website and sponsors publication of media research in its academic peer reviewed bilingual Journal of Middle East Media.

History and Structure

AUSACE was founded by eleven Arab and four U.S. communication professors meeting at Georgia State University in Atlanta during April and May of 1995. The AUSACE Charter, adopted in Arabic and English on May 4, 1995, established the association as an international, nongovernmental professional, voluntary, nonprofit and nonpolitical organization. The AUSACE Charter established governance by a Board of Directors. The Board was empowered to elect the President every two years with the Presidency alternating between the Arab world and the United States.

The bylaws for the AUSACE organization can be found here.


The goals for the AUSACE organization can be found here.